Countertop Water Flosser / Oral Irrigator

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• Countertop Water Flosser/Oral Irrigator.

• Helps remove plaque and bacteria more thoroughly than traditional floss, especially deep between teeth and below the gumline where brushing and flossing can't reach.

• Powerful pulsation jet helps to massage and stimulate gums to improve circulation and keep your gums strong and healthy.

• Powerful and superfine jet is ideal for cleaning around dental bridges, braces, and crowns.

• 3 Mode optional.

• 01200 has 10 pressure settings and 01220 has 5 Pressure settings.

• 3 Minutes Auto-Timer.

• Nozzle case stores up to 4 tips.

• Handle attaches magnetically for use and convenience.

• Interchangeable nozzles for multiple users.

• Water how on/off switch.

• 21-ounce high capacity water tank.

• Rotating water pressure adjusts to 10 different settings. Nozzle rotates 360° to easily clean every area of your mouth • 40-inch expansion water pipe.

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