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Outerwear Guide - Best Winter Coats & Jackets for Women

Looking for a new winter jacket to keep you warm and dry as you brave rain, wind, snow or downright frigid temperatures? With so many different outerwear choices available, how do you choose the right style for you? Blair can help you layer up with the best winter coats for women and learn about the right types of jackets to wear for any occasion and climate. From lighter jackets, windbreakers and quilted vests to heavy raincoats, parkas and anoraks, we will help you choose the perfect women's outerwear for you. Discover durable fabrics that are insulating and weather resistant, jacket styles that will make you look fashionable and chic, and comfortable designs to keep you cozy and relaxed. Let's talk about what characteristics to pay attention to when shopping for new women's outerwear!

  • Material or Fabric

    Cotton, polyester, wool, poplin, corduroy, flannel, and tweed are just a few popular fabrics used for women's coats and jackets. For more rugged outdoor jackets, look for waterproof and weather-resistant fabrics or fabric treatments. If you plan on doing physical activity outdoors, you might want a nice blend of waterproof and breathable fabrics. Many coats and jackets are also made of soft fleece and microfleece for optimal comfort, layering versatility, and moisture wicking breathability. Browse our women's winter coats now for an endless selection of outerwear fabrics and materials.


    Even outerwear makes a fashion statement. You want the perfect casual or dress coat, with the latest styling details, and in the colors you like. That's why Blair carries a wide variety of classic ladies outerwear options to suit all your fashion needs.


    Naturally, you count on a new coat or jacket to keep you warm and dry without sacrificing comfort. Many rain jackets and winter coats have a soft fleece or flannel lining for cozy softness. Our women's vests are ideal for a full range of motion while keeping your core warm. (They're a must-have style for the season, too.) Make sure not to buy outerwear that inhibits motion because you want to be comfortable and move easily no matter what activity your day brings.


    Most outerwear features either zippers or snap closures, so you'll find styles that fit your taste easily. Some jackets, coats, and vests also have a storm flap that snaps closed for extra protection from the elements. Drawstrings for hoods are essential if you plan on braving the elements on a regular basis.


    Many women's winter jackets are insulated with down because it has great properties to keep you warm, it compresses well for easy storage, and it is very lightweight. However, if you have sensitivities or allergies to animal products, there are many alternatives to natural down, which is made of duck or goose feathers. Coats with the latest poly fills are toasty and warm like their down counterparts. Make sure to browse the material options available to you before making a purchase.


    For everyday style and comfort, choose lengths that fall between the knee and waist. Longer jackets, like trench coats and storm jackets tend to hang below the knee for the most protection against rain and snow. Some vests and jackets will be cropped short for fashion purposes.


    Winter jackets and coats for women are usually available in classic colors for year-after-year style. Or brighten your wintertime wardrobe with a pop from a fashion color. Keep in mind that neutral colors are easier to pair clothing with, though an ornate floral pattern or fun color can add distinction and sophistication to your outfit.

  • Vests

    Even though they're sleeveless, vests can offer you amazing warmth, not to mention fabulous style. Vests designed to be used as outerwear are insulated with poly fill or down to keep your core nice and warm without restricting your arms. They also help to protect you from the elements like snow, rain, and sleet. For something fashionable and cozy at the same time, try a soft fleece vest. It's a stylish way to layer without the bulk. And our fleece vests are available in a pretty array of colors to complete any outfit. Cargo vests are a great option this season and feature multiple front and side pockets for convenience. They're perfect for a day at the flea market or hiking your favorite walking trail.


    Jackets are shorter in length, falling at the hip or waist, and range from fun and fashionable to career wear to lightweight outerwear. A great jacket can express your personal style and make an outfit spectacular. You'll want a few in your wardrobe for dress and casual days. Consider these styles when you're shopping for a new jacket: blazers, leather jackets, fleece jackets, denim or jean jackets, military jackets, windbreakers, and bolero jackets.

    Raincoats/Rain Jackets

    Choose quality rainwear to stay dry year-round, in rain, sleet or snow. Rainwear is made of fabrics that are waterproof or water-resistant. What's more, rainwear is often designed to be breathable - to allow sweat vapor to escape. Despite the practical purpose, women's modern rain jackets are also made to look fashionable and trendy. Some examples are the modern trench coat for women, the modern rain slicker, and the anorak rain jacket.


    Coats are generally longer in length and may be lightweight for 3-season wear, fleece or wool for wintertime comfort. Some perennial favorites include quilted car coats, which can be dressed up or down with ease; trench coats that take any outfit up a notch; fleece and wool coats for classic cold-weather style.


    You're ready to brave the winter if you own an anorak or parka. These styles are designed for the utmost in cold-weather comfort, often featuring a deep hood. Most choices are insulated and feature fabrics or treatments to keep water and wind out. Choose the styles and features that are most practical for your region when shopping for a parka or anorak: waterproof parkas, windbreaker anoraks, fleece anoraks, down anoraks, and more!

    Ready to choose your next favorite piece of outerwear? Shop our entire collection now.